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Infra-Red Switch


Single Channel Switch : Transmitter


The component values must be chosen to give a frequency of oscillation to suit the receiver module to be used. In most cases this will be 40kHz but you should verify this before starting construction. The resistance in series with the diodes should be about 22W (its value is not critical).

To calculate the frequency of oscillation of a 555 oscillator, use the following formula:



For example, if we choose C = 15nF and R2 = 10k this gives R1 = (about) 5k for a frequency of 40kHz. We should therefore use a 10k variable resistor for R1. This will allow us to set the frequency to exactly 40kHz. For stability of frequency, a voltage regulator is recommended (the vero diagram includes a regulator).

Vero diagram

Single Channel Switch

Two Channel Switch

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