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The IB Physics section of the web site is suitable for International Baccalaureate and A-level physics students.
All of the information sheets in these chapters have been contributed by David Hoult

"Mesure, Physique et Informatique" for 2nde (Y11 and 10th grade students) contributed by Paul Billiet.

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The 3ème Physical Science section of the web site is also suitable for Y10 (UK) and 9th grade (US) students
All of the information sheets in these chapters have been contributed by Teresa Lewis, Linda Noan and David Hoult.










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There are many groups throughout Europe trying to persuade governments to ban the obscene spectacle of bull-fighting.

At a time when a number of countries are considering a ban on bull-fighting, the French government (lead by F. Fillon and N. Sarkozy) has decided to give it a sort of protected status by adding it to the list of “patrimoine immatériel de la France”. This seems especially strange when one considers that the practice was only imported from Spain (where it is losing popularity) relatively recently.

If, like us, you consider that it is time to stop this barbaric “sport” then please go to the website below where you can find a online petition to “sign”.

For anyone unfamiliar with the practice of “la corrida” (bull fighting), you will find a video on the site which clearly shows how the animals suffer.

Thank you.

David Hoult