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MPI is an optional course for 10th Grade (Y11) students in the French national curriculum. In our school it is taught in one 2 hour session per week over one year. The course aims to give the students skills in data acquisition in science investigations, the use of ICT skills to process the data and some background on the technology behind it. Our school has based this option around the Texas Instruments CBL2 interface used with Vernier probes.

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'Mesure' : Data acquisition measuring data in science

Measuring data
  • Use of a data logger probe + interface + computer
  • Choice of tool for measurement (in physics, chemistry and biology)
  • Sampling
  • Statistical analysis of data
  • Error analysis

'Physique' : The technology of data collection

  • Measuring scales
  • Getting an electrical signal from a measurement transducers
  • Converting analogue signals to digital signals

'Informatique' : The use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) to collect and process data

Informatics (computing)
  • How computers treat data
  • The structure of a computer
  • The use of spread sheets and word processor programs
  • Data acquisition by a computer
  • Research on topics using internet
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